"Veerle Casteleyn [Jemima in the CATS film] is German/Dutch."
Wrong! Veerle Casteleyn is from the dutch spekaing part of Belgian. She is not German, nor does "dutch" mean "deutsch".

"Mungojerrie and Rumpelteazer are dubbed in the film version of CATS."

Wrong again. They sing their own parts, except that their laughter and sneezing is dubbed. For more information on the dubbing of the CATS film, please look here.

"CATS does not have a plot."
This is, again, wrong. CATS does have a plot. It's not very prominent throughout the show, but it does exist. And it has been made simply from unconnected poems, which is quite a lot.

"The most famous song of the play is called 'Memories'."
No, it isn't. It's "Memory", singular. In the whole musical there is no song called "Memories". Not one.